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The ceiling that saves

The ceiling that saves

Reduce hot/cold complaints and cut energy costs and usage by up to 15% with ULTIMA Templok ceiling tiles by Armstrong World Industries.

A revolutionary ceiling tile

Cut HVAC costs and
usage by up to 15%*

Retrofit solution for 
standard ceiling grid

Replaces a drop ceiling
with a modern tile

Helps maintain
a comfortable 72°

*See our Technical Guide for more details

See it, hear it, feel it.

Temperature regulation

Superior acoustics

Cuts energy usage up to 15%

But really, how does it work?

1. Templok Phase Change Material (PCM) technology melts and freezes around a comfortable 72°F.

2. During warm weather, PCM gradually melts and passively cools the space as the building is warmed during the day.
3. In the evening, the stored heat is released back into the building as the building temperature drops, re-freezing 
the PCM.

See our Technical Guide for more details

Case Study

University of Maryland

The Challenge

For years, patients and faculty at the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center dealt with overheating in the summer and chill in the winter.

The Approach

In the summer of 2018, PCM material was added to the ceiling over approximately 70% of the space.

The Results

Soon after the installation, the hot/cold complaints stopped and energy 
savings are estimated to be 1,500 
to 2,000 kWh per month.

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Frequently asked questions

How can a ceiling help with energy costs and consumption?

Temperature regulation allows for reduced HVAC operating costs and energy use. Energy Saving Ceilings with Templok are an easy way to contribute to your overall energy and cost savings initiatives.

What are the benefits of installing energy-saving ceiling tiles?

Drop ceiling grids with ceiling tiles backed with phase change material (PCM) technology contribute to a more comfortable environment while decreasing energy consumption. The primary benefits include temperature regulation, reduced hot/hold complaints, reduced heating and cooling costs, and more efficient HVAC operations.

How do energy-efficient Templok ceiling tiles work?

Templok ceilings use a specially designed phase change material (PCM) technology that melts and freezes around 72°F. During warm periods, the PCM technology gradually melts and passively cools the space while also trapping the excess heat. The stored heat can be released back to the building at night as temperature drops, re-freezing the PCM technology. During cool periods, and in a building that naturally gains excess heat during the day, PCM technology can help to retain the excess heat to keep the building warmer at night.

What materials are used to make the phase change material (PCM) technology used in Templok ceiling tiles?

The phase change material (PCM) technology contains a water and salt solution that crystalizes and dissolves as it changes phase. The PCM is sealed in welded compartments in the tile.

How are energy-saving ceiling tiles installed?

ULTIMA Templok ceiling tiles are installed like regular ceiling tiles but are used only in full-grid openings because they cannot be cut or punctured.

What are the best applications for Templok ceiling tiles?

Spaces with large temperature variations caused by the climate or the presence of heat-generating sources during the day. Healthcare facilities, offices, and schools will benefit greatly from the cost savings.

Can Templok ceiling tiles be used on walls?

No. Templok ceiling tiles are designed to be used in drop ceiling applications only.

Are Templok ceiling tiles returnable?

No. Templok tiles are made-to-order and are non-returnable.

Can I cut ceiling tiles with Templok?

Templok ceiling tiles cannot be cut or punctured. Use the standard matching acoustical tile without the Templok backer for grid openings requiring tile cuts (borders, lights, vents, etc.).

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