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Wood plank ceilings

Wood plank ceilings

A wood plank ceiling takes interior design to dramatic new heights. When updating a room or space, most homeowners focus their attention on flooring, furnishings and window treatments, but pay almost no attention to the ceiling. The ceiling can help define the style of a room. Wood ceilings create a warm, comfortable look and help enhance a room’s décor. Whether the décor is rustic or formal, eclectic or traditional, ceiling planks add textural contrast and enhance a room’s visual appeal.

Wood plank ceilings initially became popular during the 1400-1500’s as they offered simple design, insulation, and durability. They were also the go-to look from the 1950s through the 1970s due to the low-cost and the ease to install. Some of the most common home styles during the time were ranch-like, split entry houses with wood paneling everywhere. When this all became too much, they all fell out of popularity. But like most nostalgic ideas and products, they are back and better than ever - with a modern twist.

The benefits of wood panel ceilings

There are many benefits of wood plank ceilings, from the way they look to how easy they are to install and replace. Here are some more reasons why you should think about utilizing wood planks in your next ceiling project:

The ceiling is probably the largest, uninterrupted surface in any room and they deserve equal consideration if you want to complete the look of a space. Ceiling planks are a beautiful and easy way to upgrade a ceiling, even on a budget. The visual impact that a wood plank or beadboard ceiling adds to any space makes it an eye-catching, worthwhile investment. Wood planks make it possible to update the overhead space while adding texture, without losing much ceiling height.

Ease of installation
Wood look ceiling tiles and wood planks are easy to install with the right systems, even if the ceiling or wall has begun to go uneven over time or has any other imperfections. Easy installation means a shorter timeline and less labor, which helps result in savings for both the installer and homeowner.

Hiding ugly
Wood planks can double as a tool to hide external items, such as wiring, plumbing, or duct work, as well as cover damaged drywall or old, outdated popcorn ceilings.

Easy to maintain and replace
With painted drywall ceilings or even old popcorn ceilings, cleaning becomes very difficult and creates a big mess. Both are likely to require you to remove and replace most of the ceiling. Luckily, this level of maintenance isn’t needed when it comes to wood ceiling panels. Cleaning is as simple as using water, a light household detergent and a sponge. Most dirt will wipe right off. Plus, the durability eliminates the need for frequent repair, as it resists dents and scratches.

Best rooms for wood plank ceilings

1. Wood Panel Basement Ceiling

A basement ceiling makes all the difference! Carrying your personal design style down to the basement allows your home to feel like one cohesive unit. You can transform your basement quickly and easily from dark and dull to light and refreshing. Wood planks are also a great way to cover old, outdated drop ceilings using the existing ceiling grid. Covering up, rather than tearing down is more economical and cleaner. Wood plank ceilings allow you to incorporate drama, elegance, or rustic charm and enhance the feel of coziness or create an illusion of more space.

2. Powder room

Wood has a calming effect for many spaces, including the powder room. If you are searching for the perfect material to give a natural look and a feeling of comfort and warmth, wood could be the answer. The planks are also a great way to introduce a real wood grain look and bring style to an all-too-common plain space.

Note: It's recommended to not use wood planks in full bathrooms as the humidity and steam from the shower or tub can warp the wood.

3. Wood Panel Kitchen Ceiling

Wood creates a sense of warmth and comfort - both of which are ideal feelings for a kitchen. Ceiling planks or a beadboard ceiling add architectural detail, define your space with rich texture and color, and cover up old plaster or cracked drywall. Planks can be installed directly over an existing ceiling using recommended installation methods.

4. Open concept layout

Using wood look beadboard and shiplap for any open space or open layout adds style while keeping it classy. The flexibility of wood planks allow you to use them for your ceiling or on your walls. Whether they are reclaimed, driftwood, or white washed, the look keeps the decorating style from being anything but boring.

5. Home office or recreation space

Your home office, library, or recreation room should be designed to create a quiet work space for you to focus and get things done. Wood-look ceilings do just that with the warmth and comfort that they provide.

Wood look ceiling planks from Armstrong

Liven up your space with Kanopi

Decorate your space with wood look ceiling tiles and add warmth and beauty of natural-looking wood to your home. Available in a variety of different finishes, it's the perfect way to upgrade a ceiling, even on a budget.

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What are the wood planks on the ceiling called?

Wood planks on ceilings have various different names: WOODHAVEN planks, shiplap, tongue and groove, beadboard, and many more.

How do I attach wood planks to the ceiling?

WOODHAVEN planks can be attached to the ceiling in a variety of ways. You can use adhesive, clips and screws, or they can be attached directly to an existing ceiling grid.

What can I put on my ceiling instead of drywall?

Common alternatives to drywall include drop ceilings, surface mount ceiling tiles, or an exposed ceiling that gives the industrial look.

What is the latest trend in ceiling finishes?

The latest ceiling trend in commercial spaces is an exposed or industrial look. These are growing more common in bars and restaurants. For homes, a growing trend are wood plank ceilings. They add style to the entire room in any home.

How much does it cost to plank a ceiling?

Cost depends on the size and shape of the space, the product selected, and if you'll be hiring out to have it installed or DIY'ing the project yourself.

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