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Ceiling tile sizes

Ceiling tile sizes

Armstrong ceiling tiles are available in many different sizes, colors, textures, and material. The possibilities are endless and every one of our customers has the ability to create the ceiling that works best for their space. The most common size ceiling tiles are 24” x 24” (2’ x 2’), 24” x 48” (2’ x 4’), and 12” x 12” (1’ x 1’).

What are the sizes of ceiling tiles?

24” x 24” ceiling tiles

2 foot by 2 foot ceiling tiles expressed in inches come to 24 by 24 inches and a tile area of 4 square feet.The tiles are square and fit well in a grid system with square T-bars.

Many different types of this tile are available, from smooth, decorative, and textured. When selecting this size, you have the option to pick the style, features, and benefits that matter most to you.

Benefits of this size:
Upgraded look: every 2 foot x 2 foot ceiling tile provides an upgraded and clean look, elevating every space they are used.

Product pictured: CIRRUS

24” x 48” ceiling tiles

2 foot by 4 foot ceiling tiles are another common size ceiling tile. The tiles are rectangular and each individual tile has an area of 8 square feet. These tiles are sometimes referenced in inches, which is 24 inches by 48 inches.

Armstrong Ceilings offers several varieties of 2' x 4' ceiling tiles. Whether you are looking to replace tiles, match existing tiles, or are installing a new ceiling, Armstrong Ceilings and Kanopi will have a solution for you.

Benefits of this size:
Fewer tiles: with each tile covering 8 square feet, the amount of tiles needed to cover any space will be less.
Standard size: since this is the standard size for tiles, matching, updating, or replacing will not be a challenge for any space.

Product pictured: CALLA

12” x 12” ceiling tiles

1 foot by 1 foot ceiling tiles have a tile area of 1 square foot. These ceiling tiles can also be referred to as 12 inch by 12 inch.

Match the aesthetic of your space with 12” x 12” ceiling tiles. Great for covering popcorn or damaged plaster or drywall ceilings with Easy Up Installation System or adhesive, 12” x 12” tiles are affordable and beautiful.

Benefits of this size:
Easy to handle: 12 x12 ceiling tiles are much easier to handle than other standard sizes and allow you to avoid damaging anytime you are replacing or installing.
Elegant: this size ceiling tile elevates any space and creates a more elegant and modern look.

Product pictured: FINE FISSURED

Grid size

When it comes to installing drop ceiling tiles, another important factor is the grid sizes because the tiles you choose must be compatible with the T-bars in the grid system. Armstrong has two different grid sizes available.

15/16" Grid
Also called the 1-inch face T-bar grid or 1-inch wide grid, the 15/16" grid system is the most common. It works well with 2’ x 2’ ceiling tiles and 2’ x 4’ ceiling tiles.

9/16" Grid
9/16" grid systems are considered a more modern option and have become common in many places. They are also called fine line or narrow suspended ceiling tile systems.

Ceiling tile FAQ's

What size are square ceiling tiles?
Square ceiling tiles can be any of the following sizes: 12inches x 12inches, 2ft x 2ft, 4ft x 4ft.

What is the most common ceiling tile?
The most common ceiling tile is a 2x4 mineral fiber ceiling tile.These are the typical tiles you see in schools, offices, and healthcare facilities.

How to install ceiling tiles?
For most DIY-ers installing a drop ceiling is something that can be done quickly. Some of our products require better technical skills, more time planning and measuring, and more tools, like metal shears. Be sure to read our how-to install drop ceiling guide.

Have more questions? Read more FAQ's

Find your ceiling tile with Kanopi

No matter what your needs are, we have the ceiling tile for you. Along with the sizes mentioned here, we also have the ability to create any size tile you want. Some other ceiling tile sizes available are 30” x 30”, 12” x 24”, 36” x 36”, 48” x 48”, and many more! Shop all of our ceiling tiles today!

Contact the experts at Kanopi today to choose the best ceiling for your project.

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