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The importance of color in assisted living facilities

The importance of color in assisted living facilities

Color selection creates healthy, inviting spaces

The benefits of interior design in an assisted living facility go beyond ‘looking good’ and play a major role in how residents feel and rest. In addition to a safe, clean environment, the use of color promotes wellness, defines spaces, and assists in achieving a soothing aesthetic impacting residents, employees, and everyone that visits.


For the mind and the mood

According to Special Spaces, there are psychological benefits to seeing certain colors, especially in healthcare settings.

Blues and greens are known to restore a sense of balance, decrease anxiety and promote tranquility. Yellows and oranges are said to be happy, confident colors that boost one's mood - great for residents and staff alike.

For your assisted living space, consider red furniture and art and use colors from nature, like blues and greens on your walls, floors, and ceilings.

Assisted living space with red and blue furniture


Using color to designate spaces

Many healthcare facilities incorporate ‘color ways’ through halls and other areas to help guests navigate to different spaces. Using distinct palettes in an assisted living facility allows for residents to associate activities with colors. This helps significantly in memory care facilities.

Assisted living hallways with color ceilings reviews colors that work best for residents with dementia noting that our brains process colors more quickly than words.


Light reflectance

In a Sherwin-Williams article exploring color and senior care, it is noted that thoughtful use of color theory in spaces where the elderly reside includes using products that reflect light but also reduce glare.

This is important for wall colors but also critical for ceilings. Having a modern, bright ceiling will not only create a soothing lightscape, but will evoke a feeling of home, perfect for assisted living spaces and the people in them. A higher light reflectance brightens up a space and boosts productivity and creativity.

Studies show enhancing and creating more natural light makes spaces brighter with happier occupants, and reduces energy consumption.


Covered in care

Colors have positive effects on your mental and physical well-being. For assisted living facilities, they make the transition into senior care easier by having a more home-like feeling.

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