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Elevate your interior design with decorative ceiling tiles

Elevate your interior design with decorative ceiling tiles

Your place looks great! You’ve splurged on furniture and decor, but something is missing. Sadly, an often forgotten element of many remodels is elevating your ceiling design with a decorative tile or panel.

What is a decorative ceiling tile?

Decorative ceiling tiles are an affordable way to achieve your interior design goals and elevate the look of your space. They are acoustic and aesthetic and include faux metal and tin, coffers, and wood looks.

Can you put decorative ceiling tiles over a popcorn ceiling?

Yes, covering popcorn with decorative ceiling tiles is a great option - and there are options! To help you decide, check out considerations on a page dedicated to covering popcorn ceilings. Popcorn Ceilings: Cover them up!

Do ceiling tiles add value to your home?

Your ceiling contributes to the value and appeal of your home in many ways. You’ll want to fix any leaks or damages to increase the value, but also consider installing decorative tiles as they add instant charm and character to homes.

When purchasing a home with a drop ceiling, many buyers appreciate that they can easily access utilities in the plenum for inspection. If you have an existing grid and want to replace older tiles with a decorative option, consider that a value-add!

Decorative ceiling tile styles

You’ve seen them on TV, Pinterest, and Instagram and have probably thought, I can’t afford that. Wrong! Here are some affordable options for elevating your ceiling on a budget.

Faux tin ceiling tiles

Timeless home interiors are easy and inexpensive when you install TINTILE, WELLINGTON, or TINCRAFT decorative ceiling tiles. Popular for home kitchens, living spaces, and basements, this old-world look also features sound-blocking properties.

Room with Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Classic coffered ceiling tiles

Add a touch of elegance to your space with LEDGES. Coffered ceilings are beautiful and are an architectural detail that is hard to replicate with a tile. Get very close to the look with LEDGES. Also known as a single-raised panel tile, they block sound and are mold- and mildew-resistant making them great for basements and bathrooms.

Bedroom with Classic Coffered Ceiling Tiles

Popular wood-look panels

With various styles, colors, and finishes available, a wood-look decorative panel fits into any design dream. Kanopi’s collection of wood-look panels are lightweight, easy to install, and elevate your aesthetic while creating a cozy environment for a fraction of the price of real wood.

Room with Wood-look ceiling panels

Installing decorative ceiling tiles in your home

Don’t stress about installing your new decorative ceiling. Here’s how:

Surface mount

Surface mount ceiling tiles, also known as “direct apply” can be installed over the surface of an existing ceiling, like drywall, or to ceiling joists. In this how-to guide, you’ll learn about our EASY UP Installation System as well as how to use adhesive to install your decorative ceiling tiles.

EASY UP: How easy is it?

Watch this short video and find out!

Drop ceiling from scratch

If you want to install a drop ceiling to support your decorative tiles, start by reviewing our how-to guide. Most Armstrong ceiling grids and associated products are contractor and DIY-friendly, depending on your skill level. In this guide, we’ll walk through installing a drop (or suspended) ceiling.

Enhance the architecture of your space or create a specialty element that the structure of your room does not offer with decorative ceiling tiles. You’ll have a blast DIY’ing your new ceiling and the impact will leave you saying, “I should have done this a long time ago!”

Share your ceiling renovation before and after shots with us on Instagram! @kanopibyarmstrong

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