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6 stylish alternatives to boring ceilings

6 stylish alternatives to boring ceilings

A common issue found in older buildings is the predictable, boring ceiling design. It’s either flat and painted white or flat — and painted white.

However, changing your boring ceiling into a design feature can be costly and messy.

Instead of taking on an extensive ceiling remodel that involves lots of mess and can cost you profit if you need to leave the space during construction, installing a drop ceiling below the existing ceiling gives you the benefits of acoustic comfort and fire resistance without outdated, yawn-inducing aesthetics.

These 6 stylish alternatives to conventional, boring ceilings will give you inspiration to update your commercial location without the hassle of a full ceiling replacement.

1. Covering a large ceiling

Covering a large ceiling can be a daunting task, but CIRRUS ceiling tiles allow you to easily cover a large area. The medium-texture tiles provide excellent acoustic sound absorption and sound blocking to control noise and reverberations throughout a large, open room, such as in a cafeteria or open dining space. Available in black, white, ivory, taupe and grey, these tiles complete any design.

2. Old world charm without the weight

Plain ceilings emerged as an alternative to traditional hand-troweled plaster ceilings, and as a result, some old-world hand-crafted charm was lost. TINCRAFT ceiling tiles can recreate that old-world charm without the weight and labor-intensive installation of plaster ceilings. Available in two patterns and four colors, you’ll find the perfect fit for your space.

3. Noise reduction in an open space

The noise level in a large, open space can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why INVISACOUSTICS ceiling panels are a great boring ceiling alternative. They are the easiest way to reduce noise in an open area as they work well for exposed structures. They even have an unfinished option that you can paint to match the surroundings.

4. A simple room refresh

For a simple room refresh, FINE FISSURED Second Look ceiling tiles are a classic, budget-conscious choice. The clean look fits a wide range of aesthetics, and they help to reduce noise and reverberations throughout the space. Easy installation means that you can cover a boring ceiling quickly with little disruption.

5. Design with health in mind

Designing with health in mind is easy with CALLA Health Zone AirAssure ceiling tiles. As a boring ceiling alternative, they are perfect for health care facilities due to their easy to clean surface that is disinfectable with EPA-approved cleaners. They feature gasketed edges that reduce air leakage through the ceiling, as well as noise-blocking ability.

6. Multi-layered looks

Ceiling tiles can be suspended in standalone grids to add multiple layers of dimension to a space. Try doing that with a flat, boring ceiling! ULTIMA Lay-In and Tegular ceiling tiles offer a square lay-in option, or you can add even more dimension with beveled tegular edges.

What to consider when designing a ceiling

There are many factors to consider when designing a ceiling, and the best solution will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the space. Some things to consider:

  • Functionality: Is the ceiling being used for acoustics, lighting, or both? How will it be used and what are the functional requirements for the space?
  • Aesthetics: What is the design style of the space, and what kind of ceiling will complement that style? Do you want a bold and dramatic ceiling or something more subtle and understated?
  • Durability: What materials will be used for the ceiling, and how will they hold up over time?
  • Maintenance: How easy will it be to maintain the ceiling? Will it require frequent cleaning or painting?
  • Cost: What is the budget for the ceiling design, and what options are available within that budget?

Find stylish alternatives to boring ceilings

It’s easy to find a stylish alternative to flat, boring ceilings for your commercial space with Kanopi by Armstrong. We have a wide selection of ceiling tiles, so you’re sure to find the perfect combination of acoustic performance, sustainability, durability and fire resistance.

Contact an expert at Kanopi today to design a beautiful and functional boring ceiling alternative.

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