These ceiling tiles have gasketed edges that reduce air leakage through the ceiling in a space up to 4x more compared to other tiles.

Neff Elementary School product highlights

InvisAcoustics All In One Self Stop Fastener

$XX.XX/carton (100 peices)

All-in-oneself-stop fastener for InvisAcoustics™ panel attachment to furring or drywall grid.

InvisAcoustics/Tectum Threaded Truss Rod

$XX.XX/carton (100 peices)

The rod is designed to pierce panels and be capped on both ends by the weld nut.


Design flexibility

Available in 13 shapes with 14 different color options, anyone has the ability to create a custom look.


Absorb the sound

Each cloud provides excellent sound absorption.


Installation versatility

Attach to the deck, existing drywall, on any wall, or use a suspension system to hang like clouds.